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Are eBikes cheating?

We get this question a lot. It’s evident that there are many misconceptions about electric bikes. So we decided to share why it is clear that no, in fact, eBikes are not cheating. An eBike is actually an enhanced riding experience. According to our founders, Josh and Yina “Just like a digital camera is more convenient than a film camera, and a word processor is more convenient than a typewriter, an eBike makes riding much more convenient than a traditional bicycle.”

The level of effort is one primary reason people claim that eBikes are “cheating.” Yes, riding an eBike is generally easier than riding a normal bike. Though this may have more to it than you think. A study from the University of Nebraska found that eBike cyclists expended the same amount of energy as manual bike riders, but they completed the circuit faster and felt like they exerted less effort. According to the study, the riders rated their “perceived exertion” and rated a bike in manual mode at a 15, and a pedal-assisted eBike at a 10 on the scale.


Our Espin eBike batteries are inside of the frame, creating a look and feel similar to standard bikes.



The clearest difference between normal bikes and eBikes is the motor. Our Espin eBikes are pedal-assisted, meaning that you still need to pedal when you ride it, the motor simply boosts your own power. This makes riding more convenient, and cycling, therefore, more accessible. Actually, 59% of people with disabilities that normally have a reduced ability to ride a standard bike can ride an eBike.

The ease of riding an eBike allows you to ride for longer without worrying as much about fatigue or exhaustion. Even experienced cyclists can reach for the car keys when confronted with a long distance. eBikes help you commute, run errands, climb steep hills – all while keeping cars off the road.

eBikes are especially helpful for urban commuters. With an eBike, you can pedal to work without breaking a sweat, you can ride longer distances while avoiding those crazy parking fees in the lot near your office. It’s still you, just with more power.


Ride to work without breaking a sweat.



eBikes help remove barriers that stop people from cycling. They aren’t cheating, they let you have more fun and encourage you to ride faster and more often. It’s no wonder everyone gets hooked. According to data collected for E-Bikes in North America shown in the infographic below, 55% percent of people surveyed rode bikes weekly before getting an eBike while 93% did after.


Why do people use e-bikes? By the Portland State Transportation Research and Education Center


You don’t need to give up your normal bike to ride an eBike, you can choose both. Just like you will have one pair of shoes for working out, one pair of shoes for hiking, and one pair of shoes that you wear to work that looks professional yet comfortable, they all fit different needs. There are so many great benefits of riding an eBike like the ability to flatten any hill, getting to work without being sweaty, being able to cut traffic and save money in the long run. What makes an electrical bicycle so powerful is that it combines the efficiency of transportation while working on your fitness and health, and it’s so much fun! Doesn’t get much better than that!
Curious about an eBike? Book a demo with one of our Espin eBikes today.

5 Executives Who Cycle

Sure you have friends who cycle, for us laymen it makes sense. It’s healthy, you save money, and you protect the environment. But I bet you didn’t realize that some of the top CEO’s and business executives agree with you. We’ve created a list of 5 executives who bike.


Larry Page

A little known fact about our favorite Googler is that a few years ago he laid out his vision for the world and in it, everyone rode bikes. Page is actually interested in a whole different type of cycling, the kind in the sky… Aerial Cycling. He wants to separate bikes from traffic, and we’ll just say that his goals are a little “high.”




Eric Schmidt

Ok we admit it, we have two favorite Googlers. Executive Chairman of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, Eric Schmidt, is not only a big fan of Artificial Intelligence, Burning Man, and collecting art, but he is also a cyclist! Here he is on his Google bike.



Tim Cook

Apple’s CEO is also an avid cyclist. He likes to experiment and it helps that he is not afraid of failure. In fact, he said “If you start fearing things, then you don’t try anything new or different,” he once said in an interview with his alumni magazine. “If it doesn’t work out, it’s not the end of my world. I’ll go ride my bike.”



Arianna Huffington

The powerhouse founder of the Huffington Post is a big fan of morning routines. She wakes up, meditates, and then hops on her bike for about 30 minutes of exercise. When asked about the importance of her morning routine, Huffington said “I’m a big proponent of silencing the voice of self-judgement and self-doubt in our heads, which I call the obnoxious roommate. It’s the voice that feeds on putting us down and strengthening our insecurities and doubts. I have spent many years trying to evict my obnoxious roommate and have now managed to relegate her to only occasional guest appearances in my head!”



Mark Zuckerberg

In June of 2016, Zuckerberg broke his arm. When he was asked what happened in a Facebook Live call he shared that he had been on his first ride training for a triathlon when he stopped at a stop sign and didn’t unclip. He laughed and said “I think I need to ease into this triathlon thing.”



Who knows, maybe your next business meeting will be on two wheels.

SF Cleantech Conference – Key Takeaways

What We Learned From SF’s Cleantech Conference


We had the opportunity to head over to SF’s Cleantech Week recently. With our clear interest in the space, we were looking to get more insights on the future of clean technology and clean transportation. Here are three key takeaways that we learned at this year’s conference.



  • Overall, clean energy is becoming less expensive


Since 2008, the price of clean energy has gone down immensely. reports that costs in all clean energy areas have gone down more than 40% in all areas of energy consumption (shown in the graph below).




  • Sustainable transportation is a big focus.


From a strategic point of view, it’s not smart to put all your eggs in one basket – petroleum. The longer an industry has stayed the same, the more likely it is that it’s overdue for a change. Transportation is one of those areas. In San Francisco we have seen major shifts in transportation, from ride-sharing to hybrid vehicles to eBikes!



  • Last but not least, Electrification is the biggest trend.


One energy source that is essential to what we do is the modeled battery. Its cost has gone down (-73%) since 2008, making it easier for companies like Espin to create powerful alternatives for commuter transportation.


Battery prices have been decreasing and a big reason for that is the high demand and the versatile elasticity of the battery (Computers, home appliances, cars, trucks, skateboards, electric bikes..etc) Not only are they only getting cheaper, but they’re also getting smaller and lasting longer.


The future of clean energy is shifting, right before our eyes and we are excited to support the movement in any way that we can. We are on board to #RideElectric, are you?