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The Bicycles of Burning Man

Oh the Bicycles of Burning Man…

If you’re a San Francisco local and you haven’t been to Burning Man, you’ve seen that the city actually shrinks when the rest of your neighbors head to the Playa.

What you may not know is that a bike on the Playa is 100% essential. And as I’m sure you’d expect the bicycles of Burning Man get pretty crazy…

Here are some of our favorites.

Is he try(angle)ing too hard?

Hmmm something looks fishy here.

This guy looks like he’s having a Wooly good time at the Burn.

This one could be straight out of the Flintstones. Yabba Dabba Do It.

Look at that Great White desert!

That looks like it would be Wheely hard to get into… let alone steer!

This Unicorn is pretty far from Silicon Valley…

But sir, this is Burning Man, not Camelot!

I ain’t lion when I said these bikes were pretty cool.

Burners don’t just go all out on their costumes, their bikes get dressed up too.

Was your Burning Man bike pretty epic? Send us a photo and we might feature it on our site!


Espin eBikes, On the Road and On the Trail

Espin eBikes are more than just efficient and trendy, they’re versatile. Ride your Espin to work, roam around the city, bike across the Golden Gate Bridge, or take it to the trails.

On the Trail

We built our Espin eBikes with the utmost care, paying attention to every little detail. And as a result, our eBikes are resilient and can operate smoothly on both dirt and pavement. Here are some features that make this eBike perfect for hitting the trails!

The Suspension Fork

Our Flow eBike comes equipped with a suspension fork, designed to keep your bikes tires in contact with the trail. The Sport comes with rigid forks, but you can add on our suspension fork at no additional cost. Stay in control while you’re riding and minimize bumpiness along your ride. The suspension fork ensures that your ride is a smooth one 😉

Memory Foam Saddle

We know what it’s like to ride long distances on an uncomfortable saddle, trust us. So we chose to build our eBikes with a memory foam saddle, ensuring the utmost comfort for your behind. Our Espin Comfort Saddle makes the trails feel even easier.


“Racks on racks on racks.” Well… I guess just one. Our Espin eBikes have racks on the back wheel. It’s perfect for stowing your trail essentials when you head out for long rides.

Reflective Strips

Yes, we have a LED headlight. But we also have light up reflective strips on our tires to make sure you’re seen by anyone (or anything) that could pop up along your trail ride.

On the Road

Our Espin eBikes were built to be ridden on the road. I mean they are a bicycle commuters dream. Beyond aesthetic, the Espin eBike functions can’t fit the road any better.

We have…

A Rear Hub Motor

Our Espin eBikes feature a rear hub motor, which is ideal for a commuter bike. Because the weight is in the rear, there is less opportunity for the wheel to spin loose. Perfect for the rainy days in the city!

Pedal Assist

These eBikes feature 5 power levels of pedal assist, allowing you to choose how much work you want to put in. Feeling lazy today? Tell your bike, it’ll help you out. Want a bit more exercise on your way to work? You got it. Not only does it allow you to control your bike, but it saves your battery as well!


Our Espin eBikes have a range of about 25-50 miles, likely much longer than your commute to work! Plus, the battery on the Espin is balanced centrally in the eBike frame, making sure that the eBike looks like a regular bike and doesn’t feel as heavy.

Balloon Tires

Last but not least, our Espin eBikes feature balloon tires! And no that does not mean that they pop like a balloon does. Balloon tires have a larger air volume cushion, making sure that you feel less vibrations as you go up and down the city’s hills.

Our Espin eBikes are officially on sale. And they make the perfect Christmas present for a loved one…or yourself. Buy now, save $300, and have your eBike delivered before the holidays!

The Top Bike Friendly Cities in the World

Of the thousands of big cities around the globe you can take a trip to, there are a few special cities that were designed to support the cycling culture. In those cities, the best way to get a taste is by grabbing your bike and go. So we made a list of the top bike-friendly cities in the world, so you can start creating your hit list for travels to come.


Get this, in Copenhagen there are more bikes than people. Over half of the locals bike to work or school and the city continually builds infrastructure to support them. In fact the city is spending $8.9 million installing 380 “intelligent traffic signals” to spot and prioritize bikes and buses! Copenhagen’s dimensions are compact making it difficult to explore by car, but perfect to explore by bike.


You can’t write a list of the most bike friendly cities without including Amsterdam, the city many call the bike capital of the world. With good reason! Up to 40% of the commuters in Amsterdam ride bikes. And 63% of Amsterdam residents ride their bikes every day. That’s huge!

The city has encouraged bicycle commuting by lowering the speed limit for cars, increasing the paths and lanes with bike-specific traffic signals, and building underground parking garages for bikes.


Believe it or not, Minneapolis is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the U.S. Over the past five years, this city has rearranged its policy to facilitate transportation and bicycle recreation. There are miles and miles of off-street paths and a single-track mountain biking trail in a park near the city’s downtown center. The city even plows the bike paths when it snows. A+ for Minneapolis.

San Francisco

San Francisco was recently crowned the “most bike-friendly city” in the nation. Lucky for us, it’s the home base for ESPIN eBikes. There are an estimated 82,000 bike trips in the city per day! Plus the commutes on Market Street have gone up 25% in a year and the city is racing to catch up with it. They have made miles and miles of bike lane improvements in 2016. We can’t wait to see what they do next year!


The Dutch know what they’re doing when it comes to cycling! Utrecht boasts the world’s largest bike parking facility, with space for 12,500 bikes. The jaw-rattling cobblestones around the city aren’t ideal, but they add to the culture of the bustling city. With more than 50% of all commutes happening on bikes it’s no wonder the Netherlands most populous city is so bike-friendly.


Another U.S. city makes the list! Portland is the only U.S. city to receive the League of American Bicyclists’ top rating. It leads the charge to put two-wheel transportation on the same level as automobile travel. Portland has 270 miles of on-street bike lanes and paved paths, hundreds of signs to help bikers, and tons lock-ups for bikes around the city. There is even a mandate that incentivizes developers to provide showers and locker rooms to bike commuters! Road trip anyone?


Montreal began constructing bike paths in the 1980s and now has almost 400 miles across the city. However, only 2% of all commutes are made on two wheels. The infrastructure is beginning to make the city more bike friendly, but surveys have shown that too many cyclists are nudged onto busy roads. Still, over half of the adult population rides their bike at least once per week.


In the three-mile radius of downtown Munich, you’ll travel “more quickly and flexibly on a bike than by any other means of transport.” Munich has loads of dedicated bike lanes, bike traffic signals, and hundreds of market routes for cyclists. Definitely on the bucket list!


Western Australia’s capital has hundreds of miles of bike paths, lanes, and bike-friendly streets. According to their Department for Planning and Infrastructure, Perth has “one of the most extensive and advanced cycling networks in the world.” The city also has enclosed bike parking at train stations, bike lockers, and signs to keep cyclists on the right path. It might be time to take a trip Down Under!

Now that you have a list, it may be the perfect way to start planning your travel for 2017. Happy cycling.


Cycling Gear Guide Essentials for Commuters

If you’re a bike commuter, there’s more to going to work than just grabbing your bike and hitting the road. We’ve compiled some of the essential bike gear that you need to have a worry free and smooth commute to and from the office and even on your day off.


Light up your ride.

Lights are crucial even if you only plan on biking during the day. You never know if you’ll be caught past dark and even during the day, lights can be a big help to make sure you’re seen by cars. For most bikes, you have to purchase lights and they can set you back $50-$100. Our ESPIN eBikes come stocked with a bright LED headlight and reflective strips on the tires to make sure you’re always seen!

But if you’re looking for something a bit advanced and “smart”, check out the See.Sense Bike Light, it is one of the best new road-sensing bike lights available. Built in sensors feed real-time data to the light which then adjusts brightness and flashing speed accordingly.


Protect your best asset…

A sturdy helmet is obviously a given on the busy San Francisco streets. The Lumos Helmet, for example, is one of the most exciting new helmets on the market! This helmet is a dome-protector that integrates brake, turn signal and front lights into a helmet. Lumos has a built-in accelerometer that detects speed reductions and illuminates the brake lights. And a wireless switch on the handlebars allows you to illuminate turn signals, which is especially helpful at night.


Tools on hand

You never know what can happen on the road! Accidents happen, whether it’s a flat tire or loose screw, you should always be prepared. Whenever you’re out on your bike, be sure to bring a pump, a CO2 cartridge, and a multi-tool with you. ESPIN eBikes come with a multi-tool kit for your convenience and safety! The Specialized Air Tool Flex is a great mini bike pump for any performance or road bike.


Directions, phone calls and pictures…oh my!

While you should be keeping your eyes on the road, a cell phone mount can be helpful if you need to use your GPS or glance down and check the time. As a bicycle commuter, it’s much easier to have your phone accessible instead of feeling the need to pull it out of your pocket or bag to check the time or directions. The COBI smart bike system provides a handlebar mount for your smartphone that connects it to the systems on your bike. It charges your phone, provides weather forecasts, turn by turn voice guidance, and automatic front and rear light wheel collision avoidance.


Be seen and HEARD!

A bike bell may sound like something from old times, but can be a very helpful accessory to alert cars and other cyclists where you are. Of course the ESPIN eBike comes with it’s own bell, but if you’re looking for an exceptionally sexy new bike bell, check out  “Oi,”. Oi combines, fashion with functionality and sounds more like a glockenspiel to alert people, cars and other commuters nearby that you’re ready to pass.


The next few days are the beginning of Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday deals, a great time to buy all your bike commuter essentials. In fact, it’s a great time to buy your Espin ebike!

Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we are offering $400 off the retail price. Reserve your Espin eBike for just $1488 for one of the coolest eBikes on the market, perfect to kick of 2017 in a healthy and green new way. You can lock in the $1488 price with just $100 and pay the remainder when your eBike is delivered before Christmas! Reserve your eBike here.



San Francisco – If you’re not on one, get on a bike today.

If you live in San Francisco, you get it. You’ve seen the massive rush of bikes riding past your uber on your way to work. You see the cyclists parking their bikes at the Civic Center farmer’s market. You’ve been asked to go on a bike ride and probably heard “Wait.. you don’t have a bike? But this is San Francisco! Ok, it’s fine, you can borrow one of mine.”

San Francisco is a city built for easy commuting, moreover cyclists. As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, a given SF resident is much more likely to own a bike than a car. The SF topography is not always bike friendly, but you can thank eBikes for helping you get up those big hills.

If you’re not on a bike already, we have some extremely valid reasons that being a bike owner in SF is essential.

The Culture.

The force is strong with this one. The defining characteristic of SF bike lovers is their commitment and passion for cycling. The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, for example, pushes for bike-friendly infrastructure and city policy that supports cyclists. The bike shops and rental places around the city boast about the importance of using bikes to see the sights of the city. Which brings us to our next point…


The Views.

San Francisco is stunning. You know it, if you’re not working on a tech startup (and even if you are), that’s probably one of the reasons you moved here. Every hill you climb leads to another breathtaking view. Climbing some of these hills on bikes are tough, so we are lucky to see eBikes become more economical and popping up to get up those hills without breaking a sweat. Since parking is more challenging that not, do what you can’t do in a car, be a part of the vibrant city around you. Catch sight of Alcatraz or the Golden Gate Bridge. Stop at the top of Lombard Street and look out over the iconic curving road. Check out the ridiculously overpriced housing and get lost in your own neighborhood.


Yes you can stop and walk around if you have a car, but then you have to consider what SF drivers dread the most – parking. Let’s not forget what comes with that….parking tickets! Parking in the city is a nightmare. If you’re lucky you can find a garage to park your car in for $200-$300 a month. And that’s not even including the cost of parking your car somewhere downtown for the day. A special for $39.99? No thank you.


With a bike, you have the convenience of parking virtually anywhere (with a good lock of course). Many SF offices are bike friendly and let you bring your transportation indoors. So cycling is a hop on, hop off adventure around a city that is convenient and will get you moving.



Have you ever heard that a bike is a free gym on wheels? On average, bicycle commuters lose 13 pounds in their first year of cycling alone. Bicycle commuters move much more than car commuters, and can save money on the gym as well. It’s a non-impactful cardio workout that will get you to work faster than you can say uber pool. Let’s not forget the environment that you’re saving while you’re expending physical energy rather than contributing to air pollution.

An average walk in the city takes 30-45 minutes whereas that same bike ride would take 10-15. If there isn’t a direct Bart path, cycling is the best way to beat traffic and get to your destination. Uber Pools, Lyft Lines, and car services are all useful, but they are also subject to the anxiety-inducing SF traffic. And if you have an ESPIN eBike, you’ll not only be able to avoid the traffic, but you can zip to work even more quickly!

Bike Paths.

Have you heard of the wiggle? No it’s not a dance. The wiggle is one of SF’s many fantastic bike paths. It is a one-mile zig-zagging bicycling route from Market Street to Golden Gate Park that minimize inclines, just for cyclists. It’s one example of a city that has infrastructure built specifically for cycling.

Honestly, the best reason of all, it’s damn fun. If you want to give it a shot yourself, email us at and test out one of our ESPIN eBikes for free. We’ll give you some pointers about where to cycle in the city too and may have to join you for a ride!

A Guide to the Perfect eBike – 5 Things to Know!

You’re excited about getting more exercise in the New Year or have finally found that perfect way to commute to work, an eBike of course. Now, how do you know which eBike is best for you? Choosing the right electric bike is very important. You want an eBike that will fit your personality, your style, and last but not least, your budget.

Traditionally, more expensive bikes have been associated with better quality. While eBikes in general can range from $600 to $10,000, the advancement of quality, accessibility and new technology is making high quality ebikes more accessible, with an average quality bike being available between $1500 – $3000.

Pricing will generally relate directly to design, power and battery life. For every rider that formula is different, so we’ve arranged this quick guide to help you choose the perfect eBike.


Pedal Assist Vs. Throttle 


Pedal-Assist bikes provide power to the rider while he or she is pedaling. Riding an electric bike equipped with a pedal-assist motor is often said to feel like a regular bike ride, helping you get further quickly and requiring less energy on longer rides. You can only gain extra power when you are pedaling, and the bike has no on-demand power, like that of throttle control bikes. This may also play a big factor in the conservation of your battery life. The more you pedal the further you can go

Pedal-Assist bikes provide power to the rider while he or she is pedaling. Riding an electric bike equipped with a pedal-assist motor is often said to feel like a regular bike ride, helping you get further quickly and requiring less energy on longer rides. You can only gain extra power when you are pedaling, and the bike has no on-demand power, like that of throttle control bikes. This may also play a big factor in the conservation of your battery life. The more you pedal the further you can go in a single charge. Throttle control is most similar to a motorcycle. When you engage the throttle, power is sent to the wheels to propel you forward. If you’re using Throttle only, your battery is more likely to wear out faster on a single charge.


Type of Motor


(Mid Drive vs. Hub Motors) – There are pros and cons to all types of motors but this guide will hopefully give you an overview of the different types available.

Mid-Drive: Mid Drive motors are located on the cranks of the bike. They are known for high performance and torque because they drive the crank instead of the wheel itself. Because the motor is at the cranks of the bike, it provides centered weight distribution while making it easy to remove the front and rear wheels for maintenance. They are great for off-road eBikes because the motor will not be impacted by the vibrations of rocky roads.

Mid drive motors tend to be on the louder side, especially when you get to the higher gear levels. They can be efficient, but you have to make sure you are in the correct gear at all times in order to get the most out of the motor, whereas hub motors can be more forgiving. Prices of mid drive motors also tend to run higher than prices of hub motors.

Front Hub: Front hub motors are placed in the middle of the front wheel and give you the sensation of being pulled, similar to a front wheel drive car. They are typically low cost and are easy to install and remove because there are no gear systems to deal with. They are better for riding on flat land. However because the weight is in front, there is a tendency for the wheel to spin when accelerating on loose roads or steep hills.

Rear Hub: Rear hub motors are ideal for commuter eBikes for its light weight and simplicity. They are easier on the drive train (chain, cassette, derailleur, cranks) because they turn the wheel to propel the rider forward instead of putting additional pressure on the cranks. Because the weight is in the rear, there is significantly less opportunity for the wheel to spin out on loose road conditions, making it great for hill climbing and those rainy days in the city! With the rear hub motor being smaller it often times go unnoticed while being almost silent when operating, making it perfect for commuter eBikes while also being the most economical choice.


Style and Sitting position


(cruiser vs. sport) The style of your eBike is crucial for comfort. Ask yourself, do you want to ride sitting up? Or leaning forward? Relaxed? Do you need a place to carry your things? How wide do you want your seat to be? This process is very similar to choosing a cycle or motorcycle, it’s all about the experience you’re looking to have with your eBike.

For example, our ESPIN eBikes come in two very different styles: the flow and the sport. The Flow was built for the urban commuter who wants to get around easily and efficiently. There is a rack in the back to hold your carry-ons, and it is designed to look like a leisure bike that you would ride sitting up.

The Sport, on the other hand, comes in a 20-inch frame and is for riders that like to ride leaning forward, in a sportier, more aggressive style. It also comes with a rear rack, making it a great urban commuter bike. Choosing your favorite riding style can really make a difference depending on if you’re using your eBike for recreation or if you’re going to be using it on your daily commute.

Range/Battery Life 


Most standard eBikes will provide 20-35 mi range (distance you can travel on a single charge), depending on the conditions and how much pedal power you are providing. Our ESPIN eBikes have a range of 25-50 miles. Check the range and battery life based on how and why you are using an eBike. This particular factor may also add to the weight of the eBike overall. Remember, you probably don’t want to have to haul a 100 lb eBike around. Lighter bikes have smaller batteries, but there are plenty of options that can give you a good middle of the road choice. We’ve designed our Espin bikes with a centrally balanced battery in the frame of the eBike, which keeps the eBike looking like a regular bike and doesn’t make it as heavy.

Power/Max Speed 


If you’re like us and you use your eBike to commute to work, you’re going to want one that has decent speed. Check out the maximum speed of your eBike before making your decision. Max speeds typically range 20 to 50 mph. But remember, the legal speed you can go on an eBike in the US is 20 mph. Power is another key factor and different eBikes have different abilities to climb up hills. Based in SF, we know we need that extra power to get up those steep hills.

Paying for an eBike is definitely an investment. Check to see what additional features your eBike in question has. We love bells and whistles that make your ride safer and more efficient. Keep your eyes open for things like the Espin eBike’s control hub, an LCD display that displays speed, battery life, pedal assist level and miles traveled.

Our final piece of advice, test drive your eBike. Consider the research, yes. But be able to answer the most basic question “Do you love this bike?”

We are happy to answer any other questions that you have about choosing your perfect eBike and we offer test drives of our ESPIN eBikes to San Francisco residents. Click here to schedule a ride and we’ll bring one of our eBikes to you!

Watch out, we hear they can be addictive!

Upcoming Cycling Events in the Bay Area and Beyond

November is a busy month. Check out the upcoming cycling events in SF and the surrounding areas. This month there are a ton of cool events, from Coffee Club to Sunday Streets.


Friday, November 4 Women Bike SF November Coffee Club

Join the SF Bicycle Coalition for a cup of coffee and talk bikes!

Once a month, an informal gathering of women, trans* and femme-identified folks meet to talk about cycling in the city, share tips, and caffeinate. If you’re new to riding or interested but haven’t gotten to it yet, this is a perfect place to find riding buddies and answer some of your questions about biking in SF. Bring your ideas, questions, and friends. The more the merrier!


Saturday, November 5 Outer Sunset “School Loop” Family Biking Workshop

Join the SF Bicycle Coalition for a Saturday ride. You’ll start at the AP Giannini Middle School Open Schoolyard Kickoff, take an easy loop to Golden Gate Park and back. For the more adventurous, you’ll ride to Lawton Elementary, and return via RL Stevenson Elementary.

Must bring your own bike and helmet. Open to adults and children with basic riding ability. Family bikes, trailers and childseats welcome. FREE.

For more information email


Sunday, November 6 Gals with Gears: Ride the Iron Horse Trail

Join the Gals for a casually paced ride along the fully paved Iron Horse Trail! This is a fine ride for single and 3 speed bikes. You’ll meet at Pleasant Hill BART, hop on the trail for a 9 mile trip to downtown Danville, stop for coffee, lounge around a bit  and then mount your bikes for a 9 mile return ride to Pleasant Hill BART.

Total on-street riding is only 4 blocks. Estimated ride time: 2.5 / 3 hours    


Sunday, November 13 Bicycle Roaming Zen

Take your meditation off the cushion and into the outdoors. The emphasis in Roaming Zen is on quiet presence as you move through the landscape, with some time for meditation at auspicious locations, and opportunities for discussion.

You’ll take the opportunity provided by Sunday Streets at the Embarcadero to have a traffic-free Bayside bicycle roam with various explorations on the side around Mission Creek and Mission Bay.


Sunday, November 13 Sunday Streets – Embarcadero

This is the season finale of Sunday Streets on the Embarcadero. The streets will be blocked off for us cyclists to enjoy. It is one of the longer Sunday Streets routes, opening over two miles of streets along the waterfront for residents and visitors to enjoy.

The Sunday Streets Embarcadero route includes the northbound lanes of Embarcadero from Sansome St to King St and King St to 3rd St. The route runs between Pier 27 and Willie Mays Plaza, at AT&T Park.


Saturday, November 19 Marin Headlands Loop Bike Ride

Ride over the Golden Gate Bridge and up to Hawk Hill in the Marin Headlands to enjoy what has been called “The Bay Area’s Most Scenic Bike Ride.” The climb may be tough, but the breathtaking views will make it all worth it!

This ride is targeted for beginner and intermediate riders (most will be riding hybrid bikes instead of road bikes).


Saturday, November 19 Drop-In Bike Clinic

Head to the Mountain View Public Library and use their tools to work on your bike. All ages welcome.

Professional bike mechanic Ryan Murphy will be available for advice and help with:

  • Changing a tire

  • Adjusting shifting and brakes

  • Identifying that mysterious noise

  • And more


Q&A with the Creators of ESPIN eBikes

Meet the Founders, Josh Lam and Yina Liu

ESPIN is brought to you from San Francisco with love by husband and wife team, Josh Lam and Yina Liu. For the past few years, the pair has been developing a new breed of commuter bikes that came to be known as ESPIN eBikes – a stylish, affordable mover that will re-define the eBike industry. ESPIN eBikes are equipped with a powerful 350-watt motor and a lithium-ion battery with a range of 20-40 miles. Now available at $1588 for pre-order with only a $100 down payment to reserve your bike today, scheduled to be ready for delivery before Christmas this year.

Delivery is available for pre-orders in the US starting NOW. Check out the Q&A below with the founders to learn about the inspiration behind ESPIN.


  • How did ESPIN eBikes get started?

ESPIN was started out of necessity really. When we first moved back to San Francisco from Shanghai three years ago, we wanted to find an electric bike that was high performing, great for climbing SF hills, had a modern and sleek design, while still in an affordable price range. When we couldn’t find anything of value without breaking the bank, we decided we could build a better product than what was available and from there it just grew and we decided to go with it!


  • What inspired the name ESPIN eBikes?

ESPIN is a play on the name, Espen Askeladden, which is a character in a famous Norwegian fairy tale, as an homage to Yina’s childhood in Norway. Espen is the youngest of three brothers and in the stories, he is always viewed as the misunderstood, eccentric character representing the “little guy,” compared to his older brothers who appear to have a much greater chance of success in life early on in the stories. But as the stories unfold, it is clear that the older brothers are tied to their conventional thinking, and in contrast, Espen uses creative tactics to conquer battles, always prevailing in the end. He is typically able to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions to problems they encounter. We really identify with Espen’s character and liken ourselves to being the more free-thinking and nimble player in the market compared to the traditional companies in the industry. Secondly, the name is also shorthand for electric spin so it fits perfectly!


  • Why did you want to design an electric bicycle?

We wanted to design an electric bicycle because, in our opinion, it’s the marriage of the two greatest inventions ever, the bicycle and the computer. We wanted to design a product that we were proud of and be a part of the solution to everyday transportation problems to change the way people commute in the future. An electrical bicycle is so powerful because it combines the efficiency of transportation while working on your fitness and health. Not to mention, it’s so much fun!


  • What is the average person’s biggest misconception about e-bikes?

The first response most people have about e-bikes, is that they think it is cheating and they will not get exercise. To that, we say it is not cheating, rather it is enhancing the ride experience while making riding more convenient. Just like a digital camera is more convenient than a film camera, and a word processor is more convenient than a typewriter, an eBike makes riding much more convenient than a traditional bicycle. With an eBike, you no longer need to worry about being sweaty after your ride to work or struggle with making it up steep hills. Of course, there are always purists who just simply love riding a traditional bicycle. But for the average person, riding an eBike can be an exhilarating experience, almost like riding a bike for the first time again. You have never felt anything like the propulsion you feel when you pump the pedals on an ESPIN. Furthermore, since ESPIN eBikes are pedal assist, meaning you have to pedal in order for the motor to engage, you can still get a good workout while going faster and further than ever before. Research has shown that eBike owners actually ride much more often and longer distances than normal bicycle riders. With 5 levels of assist, you can choose to put in as much or as little effort as you like!


  • How do you think ESPIN eBikes can help improve commuter biking?

The ESPIN eBike makes commuting by bike a breeze. The biggest hurdle with commuting by bike is arriving to your destination sweaty and tired after having to deal with steep hills or long distances. The ESPIN eBike will eliminate all those problems with the first push of the pedal.


We have taken ESPIN eBikes over the steepest hill in San Francisco, which is a 32% grade, so no hill is too big for an ESPIN. It is an amazing feeling to be able to flatten the hills in front of you all while having a blast riding.


  • What’s the main differentiator between ESPIN and other eBikes?

While many eBikes on the market currently are focused on mountain biking or off roading, the ESPIN eBike is built specifically for city riding in mind. All ESPIN eBikes come standard with balloon tires for extra comfort, a bright LED headlight and a rear rack for transporting cargo, so it is the perfect bike for commuting around the city. We pride ourselves on having built the best city bike with the highest quality to price ratio on the market!


  • What do you think eBikes will bring to the community of San Francisco and beyond?

Riding an eBike for the first time is kind of like riding a bike for the first time. It’s a little scary at first but a whole lot of fun once you get the hang of it. That is exactly the feeling of joy and excitement we want to bring to riders everywhere, back to when riding a bike to work, school or just to the grocery store was cool and fun. Looking beyond, we want to continue spreading the love we have for eBikes, why you should get on one and continue promoting the benefits of riding an eBike as a mode of transportation.


  • What do you expect the impact of eBikes will be in 10 years?

I think we will see a big shift towards electric bicycles as people are beginning to see the benefits of zero emission vehicles and the positive impact they have, not only for our planet, but also the many health benefits that come with riding an eBike. The advancement of  technology in batteries along with people’s changing mentality will be the driving force in transforming the eBike industry. But the main impact, from a societal perspective, will be how in 10 years we will have a new framework for understanding urban mobility with the help of eBikes and all the benefits they can bring.


  • Where is your favorite place to ride your bike to in San Francisco?

We love zipping around the various neighborhoods in San Francisco, and the ESPIN is the best way to tackle those SF hills. But on weekends we love riding in Marin County. The scenery around Marin is beautiful and has some of the best bike loops around. The loops can be quite challenging, but riding an ESPIN eBike on the trails in Marin is the best way to really take in the views on a ride. Mt. Tamalpais, Marin Headlands, Hawk hill, pretty much everywhere you go has a postcard view!

Hurry up to join the eBike revolution and save up to 16% with the early bird special.